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Frequent questions

What is micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is a semi-permanent makeup technique that uses mineral pigments. The procedure, although it may appear similar to conventional tattooing, uses a procedure to deposit pigments to the skin in a more superficial and more natural way. Although the most common areas are your eyebrows, eyelids or lips are performed, it is also used in the reconstruction of areoles or to achieve capillary density.

How long does micropigmentation last in the skin?

The duration of micropigmentation can vary depending on the type of skin, the perseverance of post-treatment cures and the lifestyle of each person. The estimated duration of the micropigment is 2 to 3 years.

Is micropigmentation painful?

The degree of pain from micropigmentation depends on each person and also on the area to be treated. In the area of the eyebrows the sensation of pain is imperceptible. On the other hand, the area of application of the eyeliner or the lips are the most sensitive areas and a slight discomfort may be noticed during the process, depending on the sensitivity of each person. On the other hand, hair micropigmentation is totally painless.

How long does a micropigmentation session last?

The duration of the session may vary depending on the area to be treated. From preparation to completion of treatment it can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Does the micropigmentation have to be touched up?

To retouch a treated area it is necessary to leave the recommended time for the correct healing of the skin. This time can be between 35 and 40 days. Once this recovery time has passed, each person can decide when they want to do the retouching, depending on the evolution of the treatment over time.

Does the price vary if I only want a part of my eyebrow to be micropigmented?

No. The purpose of micropigmentation is to achieve an aesthetic improvement and harmony to the face. For this reason, a study is carried out prior to treatment where the specialist makes an assessment to achieve the best result. This procedure is always carried out in agreement with the patient.

What do the finished eyebrows look like?

The result is always totally natural from the first moment. Immediately after treatment, the pigment may be slightly more intense, but there is no skin irritation or scarring.

Is there a difference between micropigmentation and microblading?

Yes, there are differences. With the microblading technique, a series of superficial incisions are made using a scalpel, which are then impregnated with the pigment. In the case of micropigmentation, the treatment is carried out using a dermograph and a small needle, which allow a more precise, natural and painless result to be achieved. The micropigmentation treatment is carried out at a greater level of depth than microblading and, therefore, the result lasts longer.

Which color will the specialist use?

The professional performs a study prior to the treatment where he determines, together with the patient, which is the ideal color for each area. In the case of eyebrows or hair, it is recommended that the color be as similar as possible to that of the hair in the area. On the other hand, in the case of lips or eyeliner, the patient will be able to choose the most suitable shade according to his taste.

Are eyebrow hairs removed?

No. In order for the final result to be as natural as possible, waxing the area is totally discouraged. Only those necessary to get the shape desired by the patient are waxed.

Is the area inflamed or red?

The possibility of a slight inflammation depends on the patient and the area to be treated. The eyebrow area or the capillary area in no case suffer from inflammation. On the other hand, the most sensitive areas, such as lips or eyelids, may appear slightly swollen or red. This inflammation disappears within a few hours after treatment.

If I am undergoing chemotherapy, can I have micropigmentation?

Yes. Many cancer patients have undergone micropigmentation in areas of hair loss. Of course, we recommend that you consult your doctor before performing the treatment.

If I am breastfeeding my child, can I have micropigmentation?

Yes, it can be done, as long as it is not exclusive breastfeeding.

If I also use hyaluronic acid or botox, can I get micropigmentation?

Yes, both treatments can be done, although it is advisable to perform micropigmentation before infiltration of hyaluronic acid or botox, since micropigmentation lasts longer.

Is it true that micropigmented eyebrows turn blue or red?

No. Micropigmentation uses mineral pigments that do not change color over time when performed with the right pigment.

If I am allergic to eye pencils, can I get micropigmentation?

Yes, no problem, although in case of possible allergies we will do a test prior to treatment.

Will I be able to drive and lead a normal life after micropigmentation of the eyeliner?

Yes, without any problem.

When can i make up the micropigmented area?

We recommend that you do not put makeup on the micropigmented area until 6 or 7 days after the first session.

Who will do the micropigmentation?

Grant Ashley's team is made up of a group of professionals with extensive experience in the world of aesthetics and micropigmentation. In addition, we are constantly training in new micropigmentation techniques in order to perfect our technique and offer the best quality in our treatments.